• Step by Step to Dreams


Anything that cannot be dream first, cannot exist in reality. At first, everything started with dreams.

In this dream; very green vineyards grown meticulously, perfect wines produced from the best quality grapes of these vineyards! Reborn of a wine city after thousands of years and a wine brand that the world shall respect.
The difficulty in realizing this dream was to meet financial and morale difficulties for at least 10 years. If one wishes to reach a target he has to start to cover a long distance. For this, we planned to act under the consultancy of professionals and in the light of science.
In the history of Republic of Turkey, no vineyard growing had been carried out in the Mediterranean Region. When data on the matter is studied, we see that an antique city from which our wine got its name existed. We believe wine is produced in vineyard more than winery. The quality of grapes depends on the climatic conditions of that area where the vineyards are, as well as how they are looked after. A grower can only be successful with what the geography of the area offers. It is known that climatic conditions have not changed very much for thousand years and it is difficult but not impossible to rewind the history and to re-wake the wine city up. It is our both the vision and the mission to follow the trace of history with the help of present scientific technology.




History of Dreams Turning into Reality
The history of Likya wine goes back to 4000 years. Elmalı Region, where Likya Vineyards are located, was known to be the city of wine by the Hittites and the Lycians.
Hittites called the city where wine was produced as Wiyanawanda. The word Wiyana was used to mean wine, and Wanda, city. Lycians who lived in this area called it as Oenoanda, meaning “the city of wine.” Oeno means wine, Anda, city. Oeno has been used world-wide as a word which is identified with wine. In Indio-European languages the Hittite word Wiyana is Vin and in European languages Vinum. It is proved scientifically that these words are driven from the word Wiyana.
As a second step, the Özkan family re-evaluated the data collected and chose saplings grafted on the right rootstock that suited climate. In order to have the right kind of vineyard and to grow grapes with correct care, work in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Hasan Çelik the Head of Horticultural Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara University, started.

Step by Step to Dreams
Mr. Özkan paid visits to different regions where the world’s best wines are produced, examined the world famous vineries and the vineyards. Mr Burak Özkan, who studied economics and international Business in London and the USA, took a break in his business life to develop an infrastructure concerning wines. He attended Plumpton College in England for training on wine production. His brother, Doruk Özkan, graduated from Akdeniz University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of horticulture and involved in vineyards closely. In this way, a family company, Likya Wine, was established with their different expertise skills.

Castle Type Production at Elmalı Vineyards

Likya Wine is produced from the late harvested grapes in the vineyards, which belong to the Özkan family, at a height of 1100 m in Elmalı in a climate that is hot during the day and cool at night.

Özkan Family, who started their first vineyard by Lake Avlan, named it Arykanda Vineyards because it is close to Arykanda antique city. In this vineyard a modern vinery was established in 2007 in order to produce wine from their own grapes pursuant to “castle system.” This establishment whose project was drawn in congruence with Natural Flow philosophy was founded with the help of French and Italian technologies. This establishment which carries out its production in heat controlled stainless steel tanks, possesses a fully-equipped laboratory, a bottle washing system, a fully automatic filling and labeling line, and operates under extremely hygienic conditions.

Özkan Family, who realized that good wines cannot be produced from the grapes of young vineyards so they waited patiently till the vine shoots became 8 years old. From the beginning of the project, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Kalecik Karası, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier red grapes and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc white grapes have been grown at an area of 250 decares under the control of Prof. Dr. Hasan Çelik who has supported us and acted as our consultant. Moreover, work for production of new kind of good quality grapes has been going on for five years with the vine stems obtained from a 200 year old vineyard.

In our wine production activities Francois Gaboriaud from Bordeaux, France has been acting as consultant.

In consequence of all these efforts related to vineyards, not only Antalya but the Mediterranean Region of Turkey shall take place among the map of Turkish Wine Regions.