Our Winery

The Likya Winery is built in the vineyard where wine is produced in castle type. One of the reasons for our producing best wines is that the grapes are harvested and processed in situ using the most advanced technology in production. In addition, our wines are produced under the supervision of French experts. The labels that we use on wine bottles depict the rarest wall engravings found on the walls of Lycian period rock-tombs that are located in our vineyard. In addition to the good quality of our wine varieties, this adds our wines a value of being a collection wine.

Particulars of our establishment

■   Our system is established pursuant to natural flow philosophy.
■   Equipments are installed employing French and Italian technology.
■   A special Bucher Press that make squeezes in vacuum with the help of nitrogen.
■   Cold floating room for pre-squeezing.
■   In order to avoid using piston mixing during fermentation in steel tanks, computerized piston system has been employed.
■   Electronically hot-cold controlled steel tanks with jacketing.
■   Peristaltic pomp use.
■   Production under hygienic conditions.
■   Bottle cleaning, cork fitting in vacuum and nitrogen injection systems, hood fitting, full-automatic bottling line for untouched fillings.
■   Cellar made of underground limestone to keep bottles for 12 months.
■   Fully equipped globally competitive laboratory.
■   Microvinification equipments to discover and develop new varieties.
■   Castle type production.
■   Hand print security system, micro-air conditioned cellar, top quality French oak barrels with the capacity of 225 liters.